Hello world! (c’mon, it was a gimme…)

Okay, I’ll dispense with the programmer jokes (prolly not though).

So in this first of all posts, let’s talk about what this project is, why Dragonchain, and who I am.

Who dis?

So we’re going out of order. Write your own blog if ya don’t like it.

I’m John. I’m a “professional” software developer and entrepreneur in the continuing education and fintech spaces.

“Why the quotes around professional?” you ask with ill-concealed scorn. I’ll tell ya.

I don’t consider myself a “world class developer,” but I get the job done. I’ve been getting said job done for my own projects and for a number of clients successfully for 12+ years running my own consulting company. But in that time, I’ve shifted to more of a business focus than an emphasis on technical skills.

So what’s that mean? Well, for one, I’m behind the times a bit. And while I’m pretty good at what I do (and I’ll go so far as to say really good at a few things), I haven’t developed the same level of skill in my 12 years in business that someone purely focused on software development would have (hopefully).

But I love Dragonchain and the blockchain, so I’m boning up on the latest trends in software development and diving into Dragonchain development head first, and I want to share my journey for other developers.

Why Dragonchain?

In the ICO boom of 2017, one project in particular caught my eye more than any other.

It was Tron.

I kid.

Dragonchain jumped out at me for one major, extraordinarily important reason:

It was started at Disney.

Bet ya thought I was gonna say the amazing tech or the world-class leadership, didn’t ya?

Well, Dragonchain has both amazing tech and world-class leadership in spades, but no, I’m much more easily biddable than that.

You see I’m a Disney nut case. I own a Disney timeshare, I carry a Disney credit card for free Disney stuff, we’re usually annual passholders, we literally never go anywhere BUT Disney for vacation, etc.

Given all that, the fact that Dragonchain was incubated at Disney before being open sourced and taken over by the original team immediately caught my eye and I bought at ICO.

Then I started reading.

Dragonchain is special. It’s focused on two major issues to my mind:

  1. The needs of businesses, not the whims of “the revolution”
  2. Ease of development

Don’t get me wrong: Dragonchain is all about leading-edge tech and decentralizing power and all of that, but it was built for business.

Remember I said I shifted my focus to business? Dragonchain sings to me.

Don’t worry: we’ll explore much more of both of those focus areas in future posts. For now, let’s end on what THIS project is all about.

What’s this project about then?

With here be DRGNs, my goal is to document my explorations of Dragonchain tech for both imagined and real-world business applications.

I’ll be starting from virtually ground zero on the Dragonchain software development side of things. You’ll get to follow along as I write my first smart contracts and see what can be done with amazing tech and pure doggedness as I try to figure it out.

I want to create simple form builders and games and loyalty programs and document storage and all kinds of things.

So let’s get to it. You can always check out what I’m currently working on here.

I hope you’ll stick around, join the conversation, and maybe even start building your own projects. If I can help along the way, let me know.

Until next time,

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