Current Projects

Here’s the stuff I’m working on with some information on each project (mileage may vary).

Asset Tracker Contract, API, and NFC App

In this project, I build a proof-of-concept smart contract and interfaces inspired by the New Balance/Cardano collab launched in October 2019.

Project Posts:

  1. Project Overview
  2. Design Considerations (and Demo Video)
  3. Building the Smart Contract
  4. Testing the Smart Contract
  5. The API, Web Server, and Flutter App

Baby Dev’s First Smart Contracts

In this project, I explore the basics of building docker-images-as-smart-contracts and deploying them in multiple ways onto a Dragonchain level 1 business node.

Project Posts:

  1. Project Overview
  2. How Smart Contracts Work on Dragonchain
  3. Using the DCTL Tool and a Simple Block Explorer
  4. Docker Basics
  5. Our First Smart Contract and Deployment Methods
  6. Our Second Smart Contract in Node.js

Other Projects

Dragonchain Level 2 Node Course/Guide

A course and accompanying step-by-step guide maintained on the Dragonchain Academy and the Dragonchain Community Github

Dragonchain Validation Node Installation Scripts

Working with @GritsnGravy (Dragonchain Telegram), a number of BASH scripts maintained on the Dragonchain Community Github for automatically installing a Dragonchain validation node.